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Signs that It`s Time to Repair Your Microwave Appliance

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One of the most convenient add-ons to your home, specifically in your kitchen is the microwave. From the day the microwave invention, our cooking becomes easier and hassle-free. Aside from that, microwaves can enhance the curb appeal of our interiors. Many homeowners provide space for their microwaves because of their usage.  

If you love to eat popcorn, cook frozen foods, and wats to boil water quickly, the microwave is the best appliance for you. If you are tired from work or catch a cold outside, you can ask some younger family members to do the cooking. It will help you heat your foods faster and keep them clean. However, the challenges that await us in having a microwave are maintenance and repair. Even though we have a high-quality microwave, time will come that it needs repair. With that, the appliance repair Salinas is more than ready to lend helping hands. The company does not only focus on microwave repairs but also many appliances. If you have problems with your refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washers, and many more, our company is all you need! 

We could not deny that it is hard to spot signs that our microwave needs repair. It is not easy to determine that something is not right with our appliances. But, with the help of this article, everything will be easy for you. Here are the signs that it`s time to repair your microwave appliance: 

  1. If you have observed that your microwave is making unusual sounds, consult and call experts right away. Normally, microwaves will produce normal sounds. But when it generates loud and irritating sounds, you need to seek help from professionals immediately! Usually, unusual sounds occur because of the drive motor. But the worst case is that the magnetron is in trouble that needs an immediate replacement.  
  1. Have you noticed that your microwave produces an unpleasant and musty odor? If yes, then stay calm. Sometimes, food spills and left-overs are responsible for the smell. All you have to do is to clean your microwave. But, if the smell comes back even though you conduct general cleaning, then look for the wirings. A musty smell might come from the wires and plastics. At this moment, you need to seek help from professional technicians for the repair. 
  1. One of the most noticeable signs that your microwave needs repair is the inability to turns on and responds. Once you experienced this hassle, do not think twice to call for help. It might indicate that the control panel of your microwave is in trouble. Aside from that, the circuit or switch of your microwave might be broken.  
  1. Have you observed that your microwave`s door handle does not function and work? If yes, then call our team. Sometimes, the hinges might be responsible for this problem. If the door does not function even if you change the hinges, then you need to install a new door. 
  1. Another common problem of microwaves that needs immediate repair is the inability of the turntable to spin. If you observed that your food is not evenly cooked, then call immediate help.  
  1. Have you observed that your microwaves do not heat-up? If so, then hire our team. Microwaves should heat-up, which is their primary function. If you have observed that other way around, we are just a call away! 
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